Mina Hanna

Mina Hanna is a visionary who excels in client relations. Having worked at a marketing firm where his clients were Fortune 100 companies, Mina has a wide array of experience putting on large events


Matthew Tolba

Matthew Tolba, aka "Miami Matt" is an entrepreneur who has started several successful businesses both locally and nationally. His network is unparalleled, as his businesses span several sectors.


Bishoy Michael Habib

Bishoy Michael Habib is a licensed attorney in New York and Florida who also earned his M.B.A. Prior to MBM, Bishoy practiced finance and real estate law for 5 years. However when Bishoy saw the vision and potential behind MBM, he left the practice of law in order to pursue MBM full-time. His experiences in the legal and business world give him a unique perspective in the industry.

At MBM,we really do believe that success is where preparation meets opportunity. It all began when a star NFL player's manager was frustrated with his player's lack of local and regional exposure, and vented to us that he didn't know where to turn. We were surprised to hear this, as we had always assumed a player of that caliber had everything taken care of by his agency or his management team. As we thought about it, we realized with our experience and network, we could help this athlete accomplish everything he wanted and then some. Very shortly thereafter, simply through word of mouth, we had several high profile NFL players approach us about working with them in various capacities. It was at that point we realized there was an entire market for these services (events, appearances, charitable causes, etc.) that were too small for their agencies to spend time on, yet too large for their management teams to handle. And thus, MBM was born.

At MBM, we work exclusively with top-tier athletes and celebrities. Accordingly, every single endeavor we undertake is a top quality production. MBM brings excellence and a creative twist to everything we do in order to provide unique and unparalleled experiences to all those involved. Our objective is for every single person who utilizes our services to walk away excited to work with us again.

. Football Camps Our unique and engaging football camps separate us from the competition in a variety of ways
. Our Athletes: The NFL athletes MBM works with are all household names, and are all top players at their respective positions in the NFL.

. Family Friendly: For Parents/Guardians MBM's Camp Marketplace is an interactive area which puts parents in front of various companies providing services or goods tailored to camp participants and their parents. This will encompass both football-related offerings (ex: football apps, hydration tips, etc.) to non football-related offerings (tutoring programs, financial services, etc.)

. For Other Kids/Siblings:

MBM's football camps feature activities to keep younger participants and their siblings occupied and having a great time. For example, we have cotton candy, snow cones and face-painting available at no additional cost for camp participants and their families.

. Everybody Eats!

Camp participants are provided with two (2) meals at MBM's football camps. This includes a post-camp barbecue, which the parents are invited to join as well!

. NFL or NCAA Referees

MBM's camps feature either NFL or NCAA referees, who will be educating parents and participants on rules changes, rules emphasis, rules explanations, etc. This gives parents and kids a very rare chance to understand the game from a referee's perspective and seek clarification on the rules.

. Local Law Enforcement

MBM invites local law enforcement to each of our camps for multiple reasons.

Firstly, we like to invite them out to speak to the kids and parents about general safety tips, any news or trends in their community that the parents should be aware of, etc.

Secondly, we view this as a golden opportunity for law enforcement to organically strengthen its ties with their community. Our football camps offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which is ideal for positive interactions between law enforcement and the community they serve.

. One Day Camps

While MBM's football camps feature plenty of football activity (typically five hours of football activity per camp), we keep the camps to a single day for the sake of the parents. Other companies offer camps that span multiple days, however we feel this is too large of a burden on the parents. Our camps offer a similar amount of football activity, however it frees up an entire day for parents while also eliminating some of their travel/accommodation expenses.